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Daniel Ray Simpson

Tech #1040317 Updraft Dent Solutions
Home 14 Pear Lane Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania 18229 USA Home Phone: 484-824-5658 Certification: 03/16/17 Website: Read Daniel Simpson's Reviews


Read Daniel Simpson’s Reviews

I started working at an early age with my fathers plumbing business. I have memories of myself around 7 years old going with my father to work and I can thank him for my work ethics. Going to a tech school as a machinist I was one of the best in class. Fresh out of high school I worked in a shop making viscometers. Losing interest as a machinist I went to Bar backing, bar tending, and finally management in a very busy environment in the thriving city of Boston working for the Lyon’s Group. I felt it was time for a change again in the year 2000, I had an offer to work for a new franchise called Chips Away New England doing bumper repairs and air brushing stone chips. This was the beginning of my mobile vendor experiences. In 2006 the company fell apart due to an EPA regulations prohibiting out side spraying in Massachusetts. I went solo and started my own company Perfect Finish PA in Pennsylvania doing the same repairs as a mobile vendor but also adding alloy wheel repairs and eventually PDR in 2010. From 2010 on I have had more and more focus on doing PDR repairs and chasing hail part time. Currently in 2017 I’m ready to chase hail full time. My past has created what I am today, confident in my ability as a tech with solid work ethics and eager to work. I’m not the best tech but I assure you I will do my best as a tech.

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14 Pear Lane Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania 18229 USA