SEMA logo - PDR Nation Visits SEMA 2017

PDR Nation Visits SEMA 2017

This year brings exciting changes to PDR Nation. Raymond Sapp has been named as executive director and has added David Pinto as the acting Chairman of the Board. David brings a new focus on education to PDR Nation.
The 2017 SEMA show was full of educational classes on topics that are very important in the automotive industry. If you work on cars you need to know this information. The advancements in technology and advanced safety systems make it imperative to know when, why, and how to do pre scans and post scans when doing repairs on a vehicle. Cars of today rely heavily on computerized systems that get feedback from sensors around the car. Some new vehicles have up to 100 sensors on the vehicle. These cars will only get more complicated and it makes it imperative that we keep up with the technology.
There are certain liabilities associated with working on new vehicles that we’re not there just a few short years ago. While the automotive makers race to get new technology on the streets, they do not move as fast when it comes to educating those who have to repair those cars.

2017 also brought to light on one of the largest civil lawsuit awards for an improper repair on a vehicle from John Eagle Collision Center in Texas. While the case was an extreme example of the consequences of not understanding and following OEM repair procedures, it shines a spotlight on the importance of what is considered a proper repair. We at PDR Nation are working hard to put together the education and resources to build a community where these topics can be shared and discussed amongst the paintless dent repair community.

MTE 2018 Classes

On Friday, Jan 25th, PDR Nation and NAPDRT will be teaming up with a two-part class on education day to discuss the need, as well as the many tools to choose, in regards to scanning vehicles to be sure that the work we do has been completed correctly and that we clean our digital fingerprints.

PDR Nation will also hold a class to discuss the emerging technology being added to cars, as well as some liabilities associated with repairing them. There will also be a class on changes that may be needed to your business model to accommodate the changing industry.

Saturday Jan 26th, PDR Nation will hold an open meeting to discuss the importance and implications of the changes in the industry, as well as the future direction of PDR Nation as an advocate of education.