failed dent repair - DIY Dent Repair Disaster

Do it Yourself Dent Repair

Nobody likes dents. Not even the dent pros. That’s why we get rid of them. They look hideous and seem to come from nowhere. Do it yourself dent repair methods may seem tempting at first, but if you lack the proper experience you are putting your vehicle at great risk. There are many home methods that will leave your car just the same or even worse than it was before. It is even possible to buy PDR tools without having to visit a technician. However, these are likely to run you just as much as a repair from a professional and without the proper training these expensive tools are essentially useless. The bottom line is what’s important to you, the vehicle owner. Are you willing to risk the damages, the price of new tools, or the possibility of making a mistake?

Ignoring the Dent

Don’t ignore the dent. It may not seem like a big deal but the smallest of dings can greatly reduce the value your car. Not only that, but neglecting to repair a small dent can lead to exponentially more harmful damage such as corrosion. It is best to schedule repairs for a dent right away to maintain the resale value of the car as well as its overall cosmetic appeal.

Buying Tools

There are many do it yourself dent repair tools available on the market. Some are good and some are bad. But the good ones will always be expensive. While it is helpful and suggested to have your own set of tools just in case there is no point in breaking the bank over it. The purpose of hiring a PDR expert is to yield quick and effective results all while saving money. Professional tools will cost nearly as much as a professional repair job itself; granted you can do multiple repairs with a set of tools however, hiring an expert is risk free and will always yield better results.

Leave it to the Pro

Dent repair is a worthwhile and fulfilling career to take an interest in. But it takes patience and practice just like any other profession. It is possible that a do it yourself dent repair technique could work for you but it is not guaranteed and comes with its own risks. A botched PDR job could very easily leave your vehicle in a much worse condition than it was before. Even with professional tools. If you are looking to save some time and money then do yourself a favor and skip the DIY. PDR technicians are there to save you time and money. They will have your car looking factory new in no time.