Thank you for visiting PDR Nation! PDR Nation is a non-profit organization developed to unite, educate, and certify Paintless Dent Repair Technicians. Unfortunately, in today’s market there are unethical and improperly trained technicians and there are no regulations to keep these technicians from operating and no one is holding them accountable for improper repairs. Your vehicle is often the second largest investment and you want to make sure it is repaired properly.

PDR Nation strongly recommends doing a little research on a Paintless Dent Repair technician before hiring one to repair your vehicle. Look for reviews, references, and examples of previous work to protect yourself from receiving an improper repair. Hiring a PDR Nation Certified technician insures you are using a technician that has been educated in preforming ethical, safe, and proper repairs on your vehicle.

With PDR Nation’s CSI page, you can learn about the history and read reviews from other consumers about each PDRN Certified technician, as well as be able to leave a review about your experience with a Certified technician.

Visit the PDR Nation Certified Tech Finder page to find a PDRN Certified technician in your area!