Thank you for visiting PDR Nation! PDR Nation is a non-profit trade organization developed to unite, educate, and certify Paintless Dent Repair technicians across the world, bringing accountability to the PDR Industry. PDR Nation Certification provides a pathway for educating PDR Technicians in preforming ethical, safe, and proper automotive PDR repairs.

The CSI capabilities of PDR Nation allows you to research the history of a technician and find out what other shops and consumers say about their experiences with the certified technician. It also gives you a platform to rate and review PDRN Certified technicians and share your experiences with them as well. PDR Nation Certification is a living certification with required continuing education for certified technicians to ensure they are up to date with proper repair procedures and techniques.

Visit our tech finder page to find a PDR Nation Certified Technician in your area. Your customers are your most valued asset; protect them as well as yourself and reputation by choosing to only use PDR Nation Certified Technicians!