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Rob McDowell

Tech #1040316 Certified Dent Repair
Work 270 Haven Hill Road Shelbyville Kentucky 40065 USAWork 270 Haven Hill Road Shelbyville Kentucky 40065 Cell Phone: 502-345-0708 Certification: March 11, 2016 Website: Certified Dent Repair Website: Read Rob McDowell’s Reviews Website: Certified Dent Repair Training Website: Facebook Page


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I started learning paintless dent repair in 1998. In October of 1999, I grew my  PDR company from a part-time “after my real job” situation to a full time career change. Since that time, I have become a master of the PDR craft by tackling the easy to very difficult repairs. My skills have been in demand in many areas of our industry like paintless dent repair, hail damage removal, paintless collision restoration a.k.a. large nasty dent repair, motorcycle tank repair, and dent repair training. As an early supporter for the PDR industry development, I was in the first group of PDR technicians to become Vale certified back in 2004. I am privileged to add to my accomplishments the PDR Nation certification.

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270 Haven Hill Road Shelbyville Kentucky 40065 USA

270 Haven Hill Road Shelbyville Kentucky 40065