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Mr Mark Buchanan

Tech #1010716 HailmasterPaintless Dent Repair
Home 15400 W. 64th Ave Suite 9e#125 Arvada Colorado 80007 Home Phone: 720-480-4245 Certification: 07/27/16 Website: Read Mark Buchanan's Reviews


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My passion started for cars very young. Any picture of me as a toddler and beyond I am holding some type of a car. As I grew so did the the passion. At 13 years old I started doing bodywork in the garage. This was 2 months before turning 14 years old. I had no air compressor. All the work was done by hand. I had someone else spray the vehicle. By the time I was 16 years old I purchased and sold 26 vehicles making a profit on each one. At 15 years old I took auto body in VOTEC . At 16 years old I started as paint prepper at a bodyshop. I moved up to doing my own bodywork and painting from start to finish within months. I was told from the body shop owner I had to choose between bodyman and painter. This was a tough decision for me. I enjoyed both. I chose painting. At 18 years old I was painting newer vehicles at a Dodge/Toyota dealership. At 21 years old I started painting Mercedes/BMWS while looking over 3 painters helpers. I continued painting vehicles until I was 29 years old accomplishing 9 paint school certifications.                                                                                                In 1999 [29 years old] I started a nine month no income training course. Today I enjoy traveling the world chasing hail storms repairing hail damaged vehicles. Working each vehicle like it was my own. My passion for vehicles has never slowed down. I spend my weekends at car shows and working on my personal collection . 


  I am willing to travel anywhere, hard working, punctual, and professional. 

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15400 W. 64th Ave Suite 9e#125 Arvada Colorado 80007