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PDR Nation


Press Release-Meet PDR Nation

Saint Louis, Missouri

PDR Nation is an international non-profit Paintless Dent Repair trade organization developed to fill a void in the PDR Industry. PDR Nation unifies, educates, and certifies independent PDR professionals from across the world.

PDR Nation is the first balanced Paintless Dent Repair Certification that is not only based on ability, but brings continuing education in proper repair and business practices as well as a Customer Service Indexing system to bring accountability to the PDR Industry. Each Certified technician must complete classes in ethics and proper repair procedures and keep a positive CSI rating from reviews provided by repair facilities, employers, clients, and consumers. These reviews are listed on the Certified Technician’s individual CSI page listed on PDRNation.org. Certified Technicians are required to take new classes annually to stay up to date on proper repair procedures and business practices.

PDR Nation created a Tech Finder database where service providers, repair facilities, and consumers can search for PDR Nation Certified Technicians in their area. You can also search for Certified Technicians by what market they service as well as specialty PDR services they offer such as; retail, wholesale, local hail repair, traveling hail repair, international traveling hail repair, large dent repair, and motorcycle dent repair. PDR Nation Certified Technicians separate themselves as professional, accountable, quality driven technicians that will provide top quality repairs and outstanding customer service. Each technician’s Bio and CSI ratings and reviews can be found on www.pdrnation.org allowing repair facilities, insurance adjusters, and consumers the ability to search for the technician or technicians that best suit their needs. Chairman Ryan Hampton says, “This organization has gone from idea to reality rather quickly. The initial response has been overwhelming. We believe that is due to the deep desire for professional and educational platforms that have been lacking in the PDR industry.” Bringing education and accountability to the PDR industry is a positive step forward in what is still a relatively young industry. As consumer awareness of PDR has grown and continues to grow, so has the need for an organization like PDR Nation. With professional Certified PDR Technicians listed from around the world, find your next PDR provider today on www.pdrnation.org!

PDR Nation

P.O.BOX 321

O’Fallon, MO 63366


If you would like more information or would like a copy of the press release, please contact us at info@pdrnation.org.