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Please Read and Follow Instructions for completing your membership registration

New Members– After joining PDR Nation you will be required to provide at least 4 references or your Vale certification number. You will also need to complete and pass several courses to participate in our CSI program. Use the Complete Test >Ethics >Corrosion & Paint >Hail Estimating below.

New Certified Membership(Annually)-$299.95  first year, then recurring payment of $150.00 per year.

New Certified Membership (Monthly)-recurring payments of $15.00 will begin after the initial payment of $150.00. 

Renew Certified Membership (Annual or Monthly)-This option is only available to former members that want to renew their previous PDR Nation Account. If you are a former member of PDR Nation, please select either Annual $150.00 or Monthly $15.00.

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