December 2014 Issue 22

2015 The Year of Setting Standards

Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of PDR Nation. In the course of our first year we have had over 200 techs sign up to become certified and fully expect to increase that number each year. While these techs have already seen the advantages of being a certified tech, we are constantly looking to add more value to the organization. We are close to finalizing the PDR Nation estimating certification class, which will be an in depth video tutorial available free to all PDR Nation technicians. Moving forward, we will be creating more of these educational classes each year.

While 2014 was a good year for PDR Nation and its mission, it was also a good year for the PDR industry itself. Technicians are beginning to realize that being involved in their industry is an opportunity to be a part of something special, they are helping to build their own future. We have seen an influx of many new PDR educational platforms in the form of podcasts, call in talk shows, online tutorials and an overall increased appetite by techs to professionalize not only themselves but the industry they represent. The art of PDR has been around 20 plus years, but we are just now coming into our own as an industry, and this is a very important time for all of us. We have begun to work with each other, discussing openly the problems we face, while working together on creating solutions. We are all working together to make the steps necessary to shape the PDR landscape from the eyes us, the technicians, rather than allowing outside segments to do so without having our expert input. We are intertwined with insurance companies and body shops in many of our day to day affairs, but that does not mean we should be subject to rules made up by them without having a say so also. With all of you and your support, PDR Nation looks forward to being a voice out there and leading the way as these standards are being set.

Ryan Hampton Vice-Chair

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PDR Nation is Ready for MTE!


As most of you know, MTE (Mobile Tech Expo) is right around the corner and PDR Nation is excited about meeting many of you in person. For those who don’t know about MTE, it’s a trade show in Orlando, Florida on January 16th and 17th catering to mobile automotive reconditioning technicians and tends to have a heavy PDR presence. Education day is Thursday, January 15th which is filled with great classes and information concerning anything from new techniques to estimating. It’s a great three days filled with education, the latest tools, and networking like you wouldn’t believe! You can learn more at
PDR Nation is excited about our 3rd Annual Raffle at MTE for the Egle’s Cross Fund. We have reopened Egle’s Cross to benefit Keith Lessing and his battle with cancer. Keith is a fellow PDR technician and father of five who is battling Lymphomia cancer. He is battling hard and has the fighting spirit to beat this but as you can expect the financial battle is with Keith and his family as well. Many of you have stepped up on the Fix A Dent For Keith campaign on Facebook and the Lessings are truly grateful. Egle’s Cross will be open for Keith until the end of MTE and 100% of the proceeds donated and collected through the raffle will go to helping their financial battle. Stop by the PDR Nation booth to purchase your raffle tickets and view the great prizes! Come on by and support one of our own and have a chance to win!

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‘Twas the Night Before MTE


‘Twas the night before MTE

And all through the convention
New tools and show booths Were set up for exposition.
James Lee and Carl Stuckey Setting up their bright lights
Pro PDR Solutions’ booth Was shining real bright.
Black Plague with new tabs Shane Jacks’s new hammer
All displayed and ready For the techs to devour.
Dentcraft and Ultra And PDR Finesse
All set up to show Their new tools to the rest.
Techs at the meet and greet Laughing and having a beer
All anxious to see What is new this year.
Dent Olympics set up And PDR Nation’s new test
Techs ready to show Who’s the best of the best.
With the show now ready And Kevin with his mic
Happy MTE to all And to all a goodnight!
Stephen Padgett Secretary